About Douglas

Douglas AtkinWho’s Douglas Atkin?

Douglas believes that community is the engine of loyalty…to companies, brands, religions, causes, sports teams, whatever…and that social glue is generally a good thing. He works with organizations to create to create stronger glue through better community platforms and programs. He does this through his venture: theglueproject.

Here’s some of the other things he’s done whilst pursuing his passion to decode the source of commitment and improve community.

yackitDouglas is Co-Founder of Yackit, a new social platform that enables people to share opinions and create communities of interest via live and recorded video. PurposeDouglas is a Purpose Fellow and previously Partner at Purpose.com, an organization that creates 21C Movements that mobilize millions to take action for social change. MeetUpDouglas is a Meetup Fellow and was previously Partner and Chief Community Officer of Meetup.com. He was responsible for company strategy, product development, customer service, marketing and partnerships.
The Culting of BrandsDouglas wrote ‘The Culting of Brands’, about how to create commitment and community based on hundreds of interviews of members of cults and cult-like organizations. The book was published by Penguin.Seth Godin described it as “a breakthrough book that will make you rethink what you thought you knew about brands (and religion!). I loved this book. Buy a copy now and be saved!”‘The Culting of Brands’has been translated into several languages including Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. All OutDouglas is a Board Member of All Out, the world’s largest online global movement for LGBT rights. Brand StrategistDouglas has been a Brand Strategist and leader at Agencies in NYC and London. He was Founder-Chairman of the U.S. Account Planning Group, the national body of Brand Strategists. He’s helped relaunch such brands as Heineken, Cadbury, Lipitor, Mercedes, BMW, Holsten Pils, Mastercard and many others. He helped launch that once-cult brand jetBlue.

Douglas has written and featured in many major publications, books and broadcasts including Harvard Business Review, Frontline, CNBC,NY Times, Forbes, Business Week, Ad Age etc.

Here are some of the highlights:

PBS Frontline: ‘The Persuaders’: featured expert

CNBC ‘Titans’ Documentary about Steve Jobs: featured expert

Forbes.com: two articles about how brands can use community successfully: ‘In Building Communities, Marketers can learn from Cults’; ‘Marketers Can Learn from Lutherans.’

Harvard Business Review: a blog post about video social platforms

Bloomberg Business Week: featured in the article ‘How Meetup Tore Up The Rule Book’.

Wall Street Journal Review
Wall Street Journal review of The Culting of Brands: ‘Totally Devoted’

Ad Age: featured expert on Brand Loyalty

And Douglas has been featured in several books, including:

Douglas Rushkoff: Coercion and Playing The Future
     Playing the Future

John Gerzema: Spend Shift
Spend Shift